Handicrafts and Markets

A dip in the local reality and a fun mix of food, clothing, and household items. You will surely find something to buy!


Lucia Volentieri


In her workshop in Castellina in Chianti since 1992, Lucia Volentieri, an artisan by vocation and passion, creates original design furniture items. Expertise, knowledge of techniques, love for the material, imagination and an incessant research guide her hands in creating objects in ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and raku. They are always unique pieces, such as modular landscapes, small modular ceramic cubes that reproduce corners of the Tuscan landscape and which over time have become collector's items.


Rossella Arnolfo

La Tessitura di Tregole is located in Via delle Volte, 6 in Castellina in Chianti. Rossella, with her imposing looms - reconstructions of the first machines of the nineteenth century - makes you rediscover how the fabric is born and creates, with its weaves, unique textile objects in natural fibers, for the person and for the home, in a contemporary taste . The weekly markets are a dive into the local reality and fun ,a Mix of food, gardening, clothes, leather goods and housewares. You will surely find some souvenirs to buy!


The main markets

Castellina in Chianti

Saturday 08.00 -13.00

Greve in Chianti

Saturday 08.00-13.00

Panzano in Chianti

Sunday 08.00-13.00


Wednesday 08.00-13.00


Thursday 08.00-13.00


Saturday 08.00-13.00

San Gimignano

Thursday 08.00-13.00


Thursday 08.00-13.00


Friday 08.00-13.00